Intro to Concussion Care

Dr. Gary Dennis DC


Are you struggling with concussion or post concussion syndrome. Have you tried many different approaches including doctors and specialists with no success? We invite you to read below the similar experience of many of the people who come to us for care and find out how we can help you to make a full and lasting recovery.

I’m frustrated by the long delays and total lack of support. I have not received any useful information or helpful advice to help me recover from my concussion!

I feel like I have fallen through the cracks. Nobody is managing my recovery or helping me to understand what I am dealing with or how I can help myself.

I have been advised to rest – that recovery is just a matter of time – but it has been months now and I feel like I am getting worse!

I was handed a piece of paper at the hospital that is supposed to be a guide to my son’s recovery.
That was months ago and he is still struggling!

I waited three months for an appointment with a specialist only to be told that I have concussion. I already know that. I need is someone to tell me how I can get better!


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What is Post Concussion Syndrome?

Dr. Gary Dennis DC

What is Concussion?

The medical term for concussion is mTBI – mild Traumatic Brain Injury. A better description is mTBD mild traumatic brain damage. In other words part of your brain is broken. If you broke a bone, you would not follow a wait and see approach in the hope you are going to get better. You know that without immediate specialist care, the bone is likely to repair incorrectly and you will have problems for the rest of your life. The same principle applies to your brain!

Hyperbaric Therapy for Concussion (mHBOT)

Of late, Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (mHBOT) and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI’s) have been in the news, due to increasing understanding and concerns with concussions. Research has concluded that HBOT can induce neuroplasticity leading to repair of chronically impaired brain functions and improved quality of life in mTBI patients with prolonged Post Concussion Syndrome. At Concussion Care we recommend mHBOT along with our rehabilitation program to those clients with a significant history of mTBI who are struggling to recover. See and the links below for more information:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve post concussion syndrome years after mild traumatic brain injury – randomized prospective trial

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for mild traumatic brain injury persistent post concussion syndrome: a randomized controlled trial

Hyperbaric oxygen may induce angiogenesis in patients suffering from prolonged post-concussion syndrome due to traumatic brain injury

A phase I study of low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy for blast-induced post-concussion syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children with post-concussion syndrome improves cognitive and behavioral function: a randomized controlled trial.

Here at Concussion Care we offer a Total Body approach to concussion recovery that is managed by one Doctor. Your recovery begins on the day of your first consultation. Our unique Early Intervention Program is designed to identify and address the specific damage caused by concussion that leads to physical, mental and emotional breakdown. Our treatment focus is your Cervical spine as it relates to your Nervous system, Occulomotor System, Vestibular system (balance), Cerebellum, Cranial Dural system and the Organ Systems of the body that are affected by mTBD.

Our goal is to get you as well as possible, as soon as possible by using evidence based care that produces measurable results. Backed by thirty years of experience and a 35 page Concussion Recovery Manual, you will receive tons of practical advice that enables you and your family to take charge of your care and make a complete and lasting recovery.

Early Intervention

Playing the waiting game can be a recipe for frustration.
Following are the advantages of Early Intervention at our centre:

You do not need a GP referral

Start your recovery immediately – there are no time delays (weeks to months) dealing with third party therapists or specialists that are required to wait for approval from ACC.

You will be under the care of one Doctor who has been through the same experience, who understands your challenges and will manage your entire recovery.

Our Total Body reset is a Comprehensive recovery program that addresses the Circuit and Metabolic disruptions that lead to physical, mental and emotional breakdown.

Our care program is evidence and research based and follows strict protocols that lead to measurable and lasting results.

You will not have to spend your time driving around half of Auckland. All of your care will be based at our centre or your own home.

Your treatment will be subsidised by ACC – but not delayed!


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